Our customers

From the PET moulding and thermoforming industries to textile manufacturers and auto makers, Extrupet supplies high quality recycled PET products to a diverse range of industries. Our diverse range of products can be found in anything from detergent bottles to convenience food packaging. Our customers include PET packaging converters, pharmaceutical giants, clothing and furniture manufacturers. By satisfying the uncompromising quality standards of these manufacturing giants, they are confident that we can produce and deliver a product which will, not only meet their needs but, exceed their expectations.

Extrupet recycled PET is valued by leading converters for its strength, durability, versatility and clarity. It is commonly used in bottles, trays, lids and other packaging applications. From detergent containers to drinking bottles for the carbonated soft drinks, water and juice markets, Extrupet recycled PET touches lives every day.

More cost-effective than virgin material, the quality of our recycled PET makes it possible for converters to achieve the same standards of production, at a lower cost.

Extrupet's products are used for:

  • Polyester staple fibre
  • Polyester filament yarn
  • Geotextile lining
  • PET strapping
  • PET Sheeting or Thermoform
  • PET bottles (Food & Non-food grade)
  • Roof insulation
Extrupet’s products are used for’