Our collections

Extrupet acquires its material from several sources.

Post consumer

Post-consumer collections consist of PET bottles reclaimed from various sites around the country. These bottles are taken to Extrupet in large bales, which are then sorted according to polymer colour. These bottles are sourced from different stakeholders such as landfill site contractors, regional collectors, recyclers, national waste management operators and local community waste management operators.
Supporting a thriving community of recycling entrepreneurs

EXTRUPET is a company with a mission. Our goal extends beyond improvement of the environmental impact of waste PET.

We believe that recycling can help improve the socio-economic outlook for our country and the world at large.. Where there is waste, there is a need for collectors to ensure that material is procured and enters the recycling stream.

For many collectors, collecting and delivering waste PET comprises their entire income, meaning they are solely supported by the business of recycling. What’s more, since many of these collectors are also the primary breadwinners for their immediate and extended families, PET collection in fact supports many thousands more.