Company background

Extrupet Group (Pty) Ltd set up its operations in 2 000 to recycle PET bottles recovered from landfill sites. Extrupet is South Africa's first modern recycling operation, dedicated to the recycling of post-consumer PET bottles.

The establishment of Extrupet was a clear indication that the PET industry was eager to address the challenge of recycling and the environmental problems created by the discarded PET bottles and containers.

In 2001 the Minister of Environmental Affairs, Mr Valli Moosa decided that something needed to be done to combat the post-consumer waste PET that was becoming a noticeable problem. Both government and industry recognised that the problem would inevitably worsen if left unchecked. It was then that the industry approached Extrupet to develop a strategy for the collection, processing and recycling of post-consumer PET from the waste streams.

Within a year, Extrupet had established a recycling plant utilising world-class PET recycling technology and principles. In a short space of time the company established a network of collectors to scour the landscape for discarded PET containers, returning them to collection points where they received compensation for their efforts.


Since its establishment, Extrupet has grown to become one of the most respected names in the recycling industry. As the demand for PET grows, so have we grown to meet that demand, now recycling over 2,5 million PET bottles per day. We successfully supply high-quality recycled products to a great number of blue chip manufacturers who, like us, understand the need for a sustainable solution to the issue of PET waste.


EXTRUPET continues to be a leader in the South African recycling community. Together with our partners in industry, government and the associative PET bodies, Extrupet plans to continue to play a role in delivering a practical and profitable solution to post-consumer PET. As technology advances we will continue to lead the way.