Our quality

ISO 9001 accredited and BRC approved.
Quality is an essential component for every manufacturer that depends on Extrupet’s recycled PET products. By following a distinctive process and applying stringent quality control measures at every stage, we have succeeded in developing a product which competes favourably to virgin PET material in terms of strength, durability, colour, clarity and weight.

Factors that affect the quality of recycled PET


The quality of waste PET material collected from the various waste streams.


The effectiveness of a sorting process which ensures that no foreign, unsuitable plastic products are allowed to enter the recycling plant.


The effectiveness of the shredding and washing process where dirt and other contaminants are removed prior to recycling.


The technological superiority of the extruders, which convert the reclaimed material into consistently strong, reliable recycled material for use in countless applications.


The effectiveness of the quality control and testing of the material at each step of the journey.

Extrupet has created a network of bottle collectors who scour the landscape, reclaiming PET from the various waste streams. These entrepreneurs are trained by Extrupet to identify and collect only suitable PET material, ensuring a good quality source material for our PET recycling process. If bottles of different colours and properties are allowed to enter the recycling process together it will affect the end product, compromising colour and clarity. Plastic bottles are automatically sorted by polymer types as well as by colour. This has enabled us to drastically improve the quality of our end product while simultaneously allowing for an increased volume of bottles to be processed. Once shredded, the material enters a wash plant where all unwanted artefacts such as PVC labels, and contaminants such as debris and glue are removed from the material. A sophisticated wash system is used to wash the flakes to improve their purity prior to extrusion. Extrupet has invested in the most technologically advanced recycling equipment available, worldwide. A sophisticated system is employed to ensure high quality levels on the end product, ensuring a world-class product which is trusted by South Africa’s leading converters. Quality control at each step of the process is essential to identifying issues in production before they affect the final product. Extrupet maintains a state-of-the-art, in-house laboratory capable of testing various stages in production. This steadfast adherence to the strictest quality standards ensures compliance with customer quality requirements, and has earned us accreditation from world leading quality authorities.

Extrupet is proud to be the world’s first PET recycler to earn BRC accreditation.
The British retail consortium (BRC) accreditation represents the highest standards guaranteeing the standardization of quality, safety and operational criteria ensuring that manufacturers fulfil their legal obligations, providing protection for the end consumer.

This accreditation inspection and auditing process takes place annually, where Extrupet’s Bottle to Bottle (B2B) plant is intensely audited by Health & Safety auditors from the United Kingdom.

By achieving this accreditation status, Extrupet is the first PET recycling organisation in the world capable of producing food grade PET chips derived from recycled PET bottles. This is a world-class African first.